JOJO's Heart

You are here, you have boldly come. Perhaps you seek to find out just what this Project Yens is all about, or to pay tribute to Someone so beloved, or to support me as I walk these difficult days without him…. Perhaps there are other reasons yet. Whatever reason brought you to this place: You are here. I see you. And I wholly and sincerely thank you for your boldness, your courage to enter and join this story… 

I love my husband fiercely. 

Jens Hagen, affectionately my “Yensie”, lived to the hilt every bit of who he is. He wrestled through darkness and light, weakness and strength, and everything in between, and emerged more beautiful + raw + real for it. And his soul felt its worth. 

My honor in life has been to follow My Love, My Honey, through time and space, fully trusting, fully supporting, fully living the spectrum of life as it comes, this honor, I wear it as a badge on my chest, and I carry it onward yet. I hold his heart; it’s packed inside my own. I hold our dreams, my dreams, his dreams… those are stored neatly inside my soul. One dream I have unpacked and held in my hand, I’ve marveled at it, at him, and wondered… can we give this dream wings? Can we let it fly? Let it soar? 

This particular dream is rooted in Yens’ generous spirit. Years of roaming the earth with a camera in his pocket, stashed in his pack, strapped to his chest, or slung over his shoulder has yielded a great number of images he captured, pieces of the wild he intended to share. I want to follow him yet, support him yet, and be his helper yet… I want to share with you the beauty my Yensie beheld…

…but there’s more. There’s this story. This story you are now woven into, simply because you boldly came. Your thread is part of Jensie’s tapestry, part of my tapestry… and what beautiful color and pattern you add. I intend to reveal the world as Jens saw it through that lens, but, I assure you, the beauty runs deeper yet. And your soul will feel its worth. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you – TAKK – for simply acknowledging my journey as I wade through life in the wake of the loss of my Love, by simply showing up. This means more than you may ever know. To those of you who are able to give financially to this project, my heart gives thanks to you, as well… together we will keep the dream alive….

With Great Love,

Jo Rae Anderson

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