Keep the Dream Alive

Project Yens is certainly a quest to publish a photography book ... but for sweet Jo, it's more. This is her Jensie's work, his passion and his perspective, his creativity and generosity and vision and focus. These are the parts of his life he chose to document, the pieces that live on as expressions of his heart, a breadcrumb trail of how he related to his people and his mountains and his Maker. These images are what he left to us, brief moments of his life measured out to the thousandth of a second – moments he wanted us to see and share and explore and remember with him.

Fundraising goal

Your generous support helped exceed our initial fundraising goal of $10,000!

Jojo needs your help. To make this book a reality, we set our initial fundraising goal at $10,000, which we hoped would allow us to print the first edition of the photo book. Your generosity and support has blown us away and our first campaign yielded a total of $14,405!! A heartfelt thanks feels inadequate, but we extend it to each of you. 

While the gift packages from our first campaign are no longer offered, we are still accepting donations. Any financial investment in this project above and beyond that which is required to publish this book will be used in the spirit of adhering to our mission: To honor our beloved Jens Hagen Anderson, and support his Love, his wife, Jonell Rae Anderson.  Click here for more info. Stay tuned here, as well as via our newsletter and instagram feed, for progress on the book, as well as any new fundraising campaigns and fun Project Yens goods we roll out!!


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