Honoring the rugged + sweet honey of a bear behind the lens

Jens Hagen Anderson was – among many things – a gifted photographer. And when he passed from this world on April 11, 2015, he left behind for us his visions of it.

In the structures of the earth, his engineering mind saw glimpses of the mind of God. In the delicate foliage draping mountains and valleys, his heart saw glimpses of God's heart. In this finite world he saw evidence of infinite beauty and power, limitless whimsy and love, and he captured for others what his big, green, Norwegian eyes beheld.

It was his dream to share these visions with all who would look. He talked excitedly about making a photography book, one whose pages might become windows into creation, whose messages might be written in a language that none of us speaks, yet all of us understand.

That book ... It was one of the projects he didn't get to in time. But after he departed this earth, it was clear to his sweet Jo that she should carry his dream forward. She has given this mission the name Project Yens (the "J" having been replaced with a "Y" to honor Jens' long desire for his name to be pronounced as the Norse Folk would), is working to find a good publisher, and has been meticulously compiling his most treasured and meaningful images from Montana, Colorado, Norway, and beyond.

Now, she needs your help. Thanks to your generosity, our initial fundraising goal was achieved! As we process through these donations and orders, and take steps forward with production of the book, our team will determine if any subsequent fundraising campaigns are needed. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to show your support and to stay up to date on the progression of this project!